HERBAL SALT - Diabetic friendly salt


Revolutionary breakthrough in the field of Food and Nutrition making Carbohydrates Diabetic friendly through Herbal Salt for the first time in the world.

                                     The need of the hour

In a well-intentioned attempt at diabetes-prevention, Revolution has also come up with a Herbal  salt for cooking. The Herbal Salt, when used in cooking vegetables and  pulses, rice and wheat-products, makes glucose-conversion and its  distribution to human cells easier and faster. Hence there is no raise  in the blood glucose level due to carbohydrates.

Benefits of HERBAL SALT


  • The Herbal Salt does not raise existing glucose level in a person irrespective of any age group.
  • The Herbal Salt is free of any ratified chemicals in the process of its preparation.
  • The usage of this Herbal Salt in cooking will prevent the onset of diabetics in normal individuals.
  • Usage of this Herbal Salt in the hotel industry will act has the highest preservative, which the world has never experienced before.
  • The herbal Salt is cardiovascular friendly and gives lesser load to the kidneys and makes an individual to avoid constipation completely.
  • Using the herbal Salt in cooking on a daily basis will make a person avoid the onset of most of the inflammation diseases especially the problems of dermatology.
  • The life of the herbal Salt is two years after the herbal treatment.
  • Using this salt in cooking will neutralize all types of toxins of the food material used due to which the taste of the cooked food gets enhanced.
  • All types of diabetic patients can feel free to use this salt in their daily life which will help them to reduce the insulin intake to bear minimum levels.
  • Borderline diabetic patients who are having minimum amount of medicine for diabetics can get rid of their medicines by using this Herbal Salt within few months.
  • The herbal Salt reaches the PH value of 7 to 7.5; hence the blood pressure patient will get maximum benefits using this salt. Onset of Blood Pressure in normal individuals can be avoided.


Product details

Size            :  1 Kg

Packaging  :  Plastic pouch

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