What is Nanneer?

There are many secrets behind the water which is highest creation of Nature supporting all living beings on planet earth. Modern science working hard in the last 120 years to understand the amazing mystery of water but unable to crack the essence of Nature behind the water. The Ancient Tamil Life Science was far superior with their intelligent output, made Nanneer to safe guard the human health and the health of animal kingdom.

Liver Pro

What is Liver Pro?

Understanding the unique creation of Plant kingdom for the benefit of the Liver health, CKN Innovations, formulated this product which is a water based vegetable extract. Modern day human population are subjected to unhealthy environmental living. The five vegetables, Ash gourd, Bottle gourd, Ivy gourd, Ridge gourd, and Cucumber, are the key to promote healthy leaving. Liver Pro is a water based food substance not a medication.

Herbal Wellness

What is Herbal Wellness?

Herbaal Wellness is a product of Revolution. This product is water based botanical extract. Five major creation of the botanical kingdom is chosen to produce Herbaal Wellness. These items mentioned below are chosen due to the vital nutrient needed to cleanse the plasma of the human blood continuously, contaminated with modern day agricultural output representing our daily food need.

Sugarlif Sugar - Low GI

What is Sugarlif's Sugar?

“Sugarlif” sugar is a first of its kind of product in the world- where in a normal cane sugar have been organically re-engineered to be made LOW GI. Sugarlif sugar is tested for its Low GI property in the top GI Labs in the world including GI Labs, Canada, Now Inquis Labs and also multiple studies done at Whistlers centre for Carbohydrate research, Purdue University in USA. Sugarlif sugar is processed by blending our proprietary aqueous solution with cane sugar. The solution is aqueous and no chemicals or solvents are used in the extraction process. Active ingredients in the solutions have Glycemic Index lowering properties that not only keeps the blood sugar levels steady and help our body to metabolize fat more efficiently but also facilitates better absorption of glucose at the cellular level.

Herbal Salt

What is Herbal Salt?

Revolutionary breakthrough in the field of Food and Nutrition making Carbohydrates Diabetic friendly through Herbal Salt for the first time in the world. The need of the hour In a well-intentioned attempt at diabetes-prevention, Revolution has also come up with a Herbal salt for cooking. The Herbal Salt, when used in cooking vegetables and pulses, rice and wheat-products, makes glucose-conversion and its distribution to human cells easier and faster. Hence there is no raise in the blood glucose level due to carbohydrates.

Products and Its usage

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