SUGARLIF SUGAR - Low Glycemic Index (GI) Sugar


“Sugarlif” sugar is a first of its kind of product in the world- where in a normal cane sugar have been organically re-engineered to be made LOW GI.

Sugarlif sugar is tested for its Low GI property in the top GI Labs in the world including GI Labs, Canada, Now Inquis Labs and also multiple studies done at Whistlers centre for Carbohydrate research, Purdue University in USA

Sugarlif sugar is processed by blending our proprietary aqueous solution with cane sugar. The solution is aqueous and no chemicals or solvents are used in the extraction process. Active ingredients in the solutions have Glycemic Index lowering properties that not only keeps the blood sugar levels steady and help our body to metabolize fat more efficiently but also facilitates better absorption of glucose at the cellular level.

Benefits & Usage

Sugarlif has no side effects like any of the artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes available in the market today including stevia. 

One major advantage of using Sugarlif is that, even, the high GI foods like ice cream, chocolates, mithai (Sweetmeats) , cookies, cakes etc. also become low GI food. For all the food processing industry Sugarlif low GI diet sugar gives all the beneficial properties of normal cane sugar like Taste, Colour and FlavourBulk and Texture, Fermentation and Preservation

Sugarlif Low GI diet sugar can definitely be consumed by a diabetic individual as well as anybody who wants to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle

Usage: As per your sweetness requirement

1 spoon Sugarlif Sugar = 1 spoon normal sugar

Product details

Size: 1 Kg

Packaging: Re-sealable plastic pouch

Sugarlif LOW GI Diet Sugar - Informative Videos

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