HERBAL WELLNESS - Health vitalizer


Herbal Wellness is a product of Revolution. This product is water based botanical extract. Five major creation of the botanical kingdom is chosen to produce Herbal Wellness. These items mentioned below are chosen due to the vital nutrient needed to cleanse the plasma of the human blood continuously, contaminated with modern day agricultural output representing our daily food need. 

Applications & Usage

50 ml of Herbal Wellness to be added to 1 litre (1000ml) of drinking water. 

Individuals should consume 50 ml Herbal Wellness added water as a daily exercise

This daily exercise will benefit in cleansing of the blood, regulate glucose level and improve immune power and manages free radicals and prevention from cell damage 

Product details

Size             :  1 Litre (1000ml)

Packaging   :  Plastic bottle

Herbal Wellness - A Product by Dr.C.K.Nandagopalan

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